Day 213: Hot tip

Yes, do quit your day job.
Your tip?: Yes, do quit your day job.

I’m in a good-deed quandary here, folks. Tipping for service in restaurants isn’t something I consider a good deed. It’s a gratuity for service rendered, not a gesture of kindness.

Today was different however. Today, service was not rendered in the restaurant where I dined, but I tipped well anyway. Good deed or no? You decide.

How bad was the service? Had to wait close to 20 minutes for orders to be taken. Orders themselves were wrong, items missing, food cold, bill wasn’t correct and needed to be redone.

But I’ve done the job myself and know how stressful it can be, so I tried to be as gracious and forgiving as possible. When it came time for tipping … that’s when the good-deed part kicked in.

Everyday heroes
There was a power outage here in Toronto Thursday night that affected more than 250,000 people in the west end of the city. There were many tales of neighbours looking out for neighbours the following day. Here’s just one example I read about in The Globe and Mail and it warmed my heart:

Christina Nowak, 89, was stuck alone in her apartment with no heat or light. Fernando Machado, the cleaner at her building checked in on her, brought hot coffee and later some chicken so she wouldn’t go hungry. Definitely Ms. Nowak’s hero that cold, dark day ….


3 thoughts on “Day 213: Hot tip

  1. Yeah, I’m mostly on the fence but I’m going with good deed, because it’s almost like a pay it forward action – the server not punished for bad service could possibly be more forgiving of someone else’s mistake in the future.

  2. The power outage in the west end of Toronto lasted 24 hours for many people (including me!) — while the outside temperature fell to about -28 C. with the windchill. It was quite scary, and I’m a healthy adult with no children or elderly relatives depending on me. (Just a cat.) However, I did feel that people were very caring . One of my neighbours drove a nearby elderly couple to their daughter’s place in Scarborough. And my boyfriend opened his tiny bachelor apartment to me, my cat and two of my neighbourhood friends — and cooked us dinner!

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