Day 214: Bean counter

Not a combination I would have ever imagined in a million years... but only 35¢, hmm...
Not a combination I would've ever imagined in a million years ... but, hey, only 35¢!

I scoured the grocery-store shelves today looking for an item or two for the food-bank bin at the front of the store.

I’m never sure what to get, so today I wanted to choose something that I’d actually enjoy having myself.

Then, bingo — there they were. Tiny perfect tins of pork and beans.

Now, before you scoff, I’ll have you know that legumes are very nutritious. And rather tasty, too.

Throw ’em on toast and you’ll feel like you just stepped into an episode of Coronation Street (or maybe that’s just me).

So beans it was. If you have any other ideas for future food-bank purchases, please let me know.

And for any other legume lovers out there, here are some fun
random bean facts:

  • Canned pork and beans were the first-ever convenience food, according to the 1975 Better Homes and Garden Heritage Cookbook. [Maybe that’s why I love them so….]
  • Commercially canned pork and beans were first sold in the 1880s, but did not become popular until H.J. Heinz came out with their version in 1895. [1895?? Actually, I think I might have tried some of that vintage ….]
  • On October 8th, 2008, competitive eater Micah “Wing Kong” Collins broke the existing world record by consuming 5 lbs 4 ounces of pork and beans in 58 seconds on the Preston and Steve radio show in Philadelphia. [That’s just wrong on so many levels.]
  • The 1832 cookbook The American Frugal Housewife lists only three ingredients for this dish: a quart of beans, a pound of pork, and pepper. [No comment.]

P.S. A friend tells me today is “Blue Monday” — saddest day of the year. Funny thing is, I felt fine until she told me that! hahaha So, if you need cheering up at all, check out this video of one of my very favourite beans … Mr. Bean. Enjoy!


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