Day 220: Open-door policy

doorcartoonI think this good-deedery might finally be sinking in.

Entering a building today, I saw an elderly lady taking halted steps toward the door. I held it open and waited out in the cold until she made it outside. She gave me a big smile and thanked me, but I should have been the one thanking her.

If the same thing had happened a year ago — since she was quite a ways from the door and moving slowly — I probably would have kept right on going. I would’ve taken for granted that someone else would come along behind me to help her. Heck, I might not have even noticed her at all.

The fact that I did is a big step for me. I know how pathetic that sounds. Holding a door open isn’t exactly volunteering in a leper colony. But that’s one of the reasons I started this blog. To become more mindful of others’ needs and make a positive difference — if only a small one — in someone else’s day.

Someone made a very positive difference in my day today. A person I’ve only met once offered a helping hand and that kind gesture definitely made my day. Thank you very much!

Everyday hero
On Sundays, I’ve been spotlighting everyday heroes and you could call today’s person an everyday superhero.

Last week, there was a shooting at a Toronto subway station. One young man was seriously wounded after being shot twice.

Despite the danger of a gunman on the loose in the station, a Good Samaritan rushed over to help the wounded man. She put pressure on his stomach wound to stop the bleeding and didn’t stop until the paramedics came to help him.

If the city doesn’t give her a reward for heroism, I bet the victim would like to….

P.S. I received this heartwarming comment from a reader (and friend), who experienced Toronto’s power failure a week or so ago:

“The power outage in the west end of Toronto lasted 24 hours for many people (including me!) — while the outside temperature fell to about -28 C. with the windchill. It was quite scary, and I’m a healthy adult with no children or elderly relatives depending on me. (Just a cat.) However, I did feel that people were very caring . One of my neighbours drove a nearby elderly couple to their daughter’s place in Scarborough. And my boyfriend opened his tiny bachelor apartment to me, my cat and two of my neighbourhood friends — and cooked us dinner!”

P.S. Here’s a song from Halifax musician Kevin Fox’s haunting new CD, Songs for Cello and Voice. Enjoy!


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