Day 221: Pick-up artist

Winter wonderland... and not a paper cup in sight....
Winter wonderland... and not a paper cup in sight....

I stepped outside today, planning to pay a visit to my local park — it’s been a while since I’ve gone on clean-up patrol.

But it was so dang cold I almost turned around and came right back in.

The wind was howling at minus 16 (Celsius), but what kind of a GDD (good-deed doer) would I be if I packed it in before even starting? (In this weather, a smart one, some may say.)

I pulled my toque over as much of my head as possible without covering my eyes (x-ray vision would soooo come in handy in winter) and headed out with my handy collection bag.

On the way to the park, I wrestled a few Tim Hortons cups out of the icy drifts. Some of them were still half full of frozen-stiff coffee, which doesn’t say much for Timmie’s current blend.

At the park itself, I collected even more cups (for a total haul of about 15) then wrestled the lid back onto the refuse bin. (It looked as though it had blown off in the wind.)

Then I saw the most hilarious sign. It was posted on a fence behind the playground and said, “Warning: Not maintained in winter.”

At first I thought, “You mean they don’t cut the grass?” Then I realized they were warning visitors to “trudge through the snow at your own risk,” which from the look of the path beaten through the park, everybody was already doing.

So I, too, took the path more travelled, collected the last of my litter and headed for shelter….

P.S. My favourite singer recommended this British chanteuse, simply named Adele. Here is her song, “Chasing Pavements.” Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Day 221: Pick-up artist

  1. I generally never finished my Tim Hortons, though stateside there are no substitutes. Most chains have simply followed the Starbucks “burnt and bitter” flavor. Seattle’s Best makes a home brew called “Morning Bright” that has a similar flavor, but without the kick. Just sharing!

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