Day 222: Open book

Once upon a time, there was a little boy who loved to read ....
Once upon a time, there was a little boy who loved to read ....

Today was Family Literacy Day (sponsored by ABC Canada), a day to celebrate parents and kids reading together.

In keeping with that theme, I dropped off some children’s books that had been collecting dust on my bookshelf to my neighbourhood eye doctor’s waiting room. (And yes, I did dust them off first…)

Last time I was there, I had noticed a couple of toys for the younger patients, but no books. And unless his patients are child prodigies who read Time magazine and Popular Mechanics, there didn’t seem to be any reading material for them.

Literacy is a cause close to my heart. I love reading myself and I volunteered for five years as a literacy tutor until my learner had to quit because of her work schedule.

I’ve been trying to sign up with my local library for another session but because of cutbacks, they don’t have enough people to run the program full time. Will keep trying though.

My little stack of books included Too Many Chickens by Paulette Bourgeois and Bill Slavin. It’s the heartwarming story of a grade school class that raises chicks, bunnies then goats, until one day … oops, don’t want to spoil the ending….

P.S. Here’s Canada’s Robert Munsch (Love You Forever, The Paperbag Princess) reading aloud to a school group from one of his well-loved children’s books (credit: TorontoStarVideo via YouTube):


2 thoughts on “Day 222: Open book

  1. Canada has some of the best childrens animation in the world as well. Now that I am stateside I am noticing how much programming on the US childrens channels comes from Canadian studios like Nelvana. Not that its a substitute for reading!

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