Day 226: Making change

A super young superhero collects Spare Change for Change.
Molly made: Collecting pocket change for change.

We had a visiting priest at today’s mass. He told us about his work on behalf of Chalice, which helps impoverished adults and children around the world gain access to basic education, food, clothing, housing and health.

When I came home, I wanted to find out more about the organization before I made my donation, so I visited the Chalice website and came across the story of a young girl named Molly.

Sunday is usually the day I spotlight everyday heroes, but when I read about the efforts of this heroic seven-year-old, I thought she deserved that spotlight.

Here’s her story:

“Seven-year-old Molly, a member of St. Anthony of Padua parish in British Columbia, has found a clever way to help deprived children throughout the world. Inspired by her parish’s efforts to adopt and donate money to children from impoverished countries, Molly, then only five-years-old … decided to use her birthday parties as a means for collecting money.

“Instead of the usual birthday invitation, Molly’s birthday card simply invited people to bring spare change so that they might donate it to the local parish’s ‘Pocket Change for Change’ donation container.

“For the last three years, Molly and her family have been holding birthday parties for about 80 children. These parties raise donations that are then added to that Sunday’s offertory contributions at the St. Anthony Parish.

“This year for her seventh birthday, Molly was able to raise a total of $1,021.00. Word of this wonderful little girl and her generosity has spread and she received donations from as far away as Oregon and Idaho.

“Molly’s outstanding efforts along with the dedication of the parish’s children have increased the number of children they sponsor from two to nine.”

Happy Birthday, Molly!

P.S. Cold enough for penguins out there, isn’t it? Enjoy!


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