Day 228: Queen of darts

Just thought that was cool.
Dart coat hooks: Aren't they cool?

It’s not easy taking public transit in a new place. You have to find out where to get tickets and fumble for the correct change and when you finally do catch a ride, you’re never 100% sure you’re going in the right direction.

So when I got to the bus stop today and there were three out-of-towners waiting, they automatically won my sympathy.

Even when one of them — a hefty young guy in a long black overcoat, dark glasses, ponytail and soul patch — launched into a spirited speech about the evils of Wal-Mart, the weather and bad drivers.

This enthusiastic public speaker also decided to share his dad’s idea for “stupid darts” — suction-cup projectiles that would be fired at passing cars whenever those drivers did something “stupid.”

If a car acquired a certain number of darts, he explained, the police would pull the driver over and give him or her a ticket — cleverly combining sport and public service.

“I’d get my license just to get the dart gun,” the young man laughed. “I’d be at the DMV every week.”

Now, normally, I might have been tempted to point out the flaws in his idea (the danger of putting someone’s eye out comes to mind), but I refrained. In fact, I smiled along with him, then waited for the group of friends to board the bus before I got on.

A few stops later they disembarked and I heard him tell the bus driver how much they were enjoying their trip to Canada. Even though we’re relatively dart free ….

P.S. Here’s a song by Toby Lightman (co-writer of “Works for Me”) called “Alone”:


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