Day 231: Reduce, reuse … and run

 I'm doing my bit ... recycling this cartoon.
I'm doing my bit ... recycling this cartoon.

I’ve noticed lately that good deeds are the easy part of all this — trying to keep them under the radar is the tough part.

Today, for example, I noticed one of my neighbours hadn’t had a chance to bring in their recycle bin. As I’ve mentioned before, our new bins are the size of Cincinnati … with wheels.

So I was ever so proud of myself dragging this monstrous hulking portable condo from the curb up the driveway. But doing so quietly was no simple task. The wheels scraped across the ice with a loud screech that set my teeth on edge.

And lifting this mega-bin was definitely not an option. So I screeched on up the driveway and was about to leave the thing at the back of the house when I saw it. Another bin.

I should probably back up here. This house and the next one share a driveway but because the bin was parked to one side, I assumed it was in front of the house it belonged to.

I looked next door, but they already had one as well. I was flummoxed to say the least. I had probably already blown my good-deed cover by waking the neighbourhood squirrels, but I didn’t really want to call even more attention to myself by knocking on the door.

So I did what any self-respecting undercover good-deeder would do in the same situation. I parked the thing and scurried home.

P.S. On this minus 20 C day, here’s a cool tune, Adele’s “Crazy for You.” Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Day 231: Reduce, reuse … and run

  1. Wondering if you’ve matched the right house to the right bin, can do gooddeedadaylady’s head in!

    I sure hope you are the occasional recipient of a good deed yourself. If good deeds were airmiles, you must certainly have return passage to Jupiter by now. Stay warm!

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