Day 237: Good deedin’ in the rain

Love umbrella man's priorities!
True love ways.

Feeling under-the-weather today, so my good-deeding was limited to a quick litter detail on my block.

(I also noticed my mini-series postings of the past two days have been a little War-and-Peace-ish, so thought I’d go easy on you folks with this one!)

Was not a good day for litter collection. It was warm and rainy, which was kinda nice cause it melted a lot of the ice and snow. I normally love the rain. Washes away worries. But as the snow melted, any stray cups and squashed water bottles turned into a wet, soggy mess.

I was up for the challenge, however, and wielded my handy plastic bag until it was full. Once again, Tim Hortons cups outnumbered all the other stuff. I seriously considered marching up to their manager (Timmies is right on the corner) and demanding they tidy up after their customers… but I chickened out.

I’ll leave feisty good-deeding for another day….

P.S. Here’s a cool song I heard today by James Morrison and Canada’s Nelly Furtado called “Broken Strings.” Enjoy!


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