Day 238: Be my valentine

As many of you know, this Valentine’s Day will be a sad one for me. On February 14th last year, I lost a friend to cancer. I’ve been thinking about her a lot lately and rather than wearing black on Saturday, I plan to wear red. For love. For all the amazing friends and family I love and have loved, I feel truly blessed.

So I’m going on a Valentine’s good-deed multi-day extravaganza. Hope you don’t mind. Today, I sent out a few e-Valentines to spread that St. Valentine love a little early.

The free cards also help raise awareness for Save the Children, an organization that helps needy children in 100 countries around the world.

Check out their e-cards here if you want to get a jump on the 14th! And here’s a sneak preview of my Valentine’s Day deed: Starting this Saturday, February 14, when you donate $1 to Save the Children at any Build-A-Bear Workshop store or at you’ll get a free download of a sweet song called “Let’s Talk About Love” recorded by David Archuleta in support of this worthy cause.

And here’s a preview. Enjoy!


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