Day 239: Smile it forward

snoopysmileIn my multi-day Valentine blitz, I decided to revert to my Grade 3 self and distribute a few anonymous Valentine cards around the neighbourhood.

I picked up a few simple cards at the dollar store, wrote “Have a lovely Valentine’s Day” inside and slipped them into several random mailboxes on my walk today.

If anyone was peeking through their curtains and thinks I’m a not-so-secret admirer, I could be in big trouble….

P.S. I came across this lovely story at and wanted to share it. It’s a great reminder of the power of a simple smile.

All I Did Was Smile
by dewolfe
One day I was going home and jumped on the LRT (train). There was one seat compartment that was empty except for a run down looking man obviously coming down off of something. Although there were two empty seats across from him, and one beside him, and the train was jam packed, no one would sit there.

Me, being me, waltzed into the train car, sat directly across from him, looked him in the eye and smiled. The look of shock, shame and amazement on his face is a look I will never forget.

He was obviously shocked that someone would sit across from him when a train full of people had done their best to avoid him so far. After he got over the shock, you could see the shame on his face, and you knew it was because of his appearance and how his problems, addictions, whatever they were, were so obvious.

I figured this because immediately after the shock he kinda straightened his posture and slicked his hair down and made an attempt at a subtle ‘clean-up’ of his appearance. He never said anything, he never tried to get closer. All he did after trying to clean himself up was stare out the window and occasionally look at me with a baffled smile.

When we arrived at his stop (I had one more to go) he stood while averting his eyes, then, right before going out the door, he put on this great big sincere smile and said ‘have a good day!’ as well as he could through his hazed slurring. Just the look on his face and that smile are things I will never ever forget. All I did was smile and that was the reaction got, it was amazing.

P. P.S. This video is guaranteed to make you smile! (Music by Montreal’s Béatrice Martin, 19, aka Coeur de Pirate; filmed by photographer Francis Vachon) Enjoy!


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