Day 240: My funny Valentine

Just hangin'
Just hangin'

Wrapping up my Valentine posts here and wanted to wish each and every one of you a happy Valentine’s Day!

I have a confession to make. Despite leaving childhood behind many, many moons ago, I have a soft spot for teddy bears (pun intended).

I even keep a collection of my favourite fuzzy friends on my bedside table … pauses for collective groan … sappy, I know.

So supporting the charity efforts of a company that’s a virtual shrine to teddy bears was no big stretch for me. But support them I did.

I made an online donation to Save the Children at the Build-A-Bear website. And I even got a great thank you gift in the process (see below).

This was such an enjoyable good deed for me that I felt I needed to do something a little extra (and fun, in the spirit of the day). So I filled out a Valentine’s card with a “Have a lovely day. Happy Valentine’s!” and slipped it into the collection basket at mass.

If this is considered blasphemous at some level, I could be in trouble. I hope the church peeps have a sense of humour … or love to get anonymous Valentines….

Anywayyyyyy, when you donate $1 to Save the Children at or at any Build-A-Bear Workshop store, until March 5, you’ll get a free download of a lovely song called “Let’s Talk About Love” recorded by David Archuleta to help this worthy cause.

It’s insanely catchy, listen and enjoy! ❤


2 thoughts on “Day 240: My funny Valentine

  1. My parents are regular church collection money counters. It means counting the money from the envelopes and all the loose change from all three masses. It takes hours and hours in a chilly room, and not only do you have to add up the amount, but you have to keep track and record the amounts from all the envelopes for annual tax receipts. So I think putting a Valentine in the collection basket for unsung heroes like my folks is a really lovely thing to do!

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