Day 241: Sometimes, you feel like a nut…

jif_peanutMy last few donations to the food-bank bin in my local grocery store have been pretty boring. Rice, ketchup … oh, more rice.

Thought I’d shake things up today and pick up something wild, something crazy. And nothing says wild and crazy like a big honkin’ jar of peanut butter. Am I right?

Okay, I kid. But I did get some peanut butter and was quite shocked when I looked inside the food-bank bin. It was empty. Normally, I have to shove everything down to make room for my contribution, but they must have just had a pickup.

There were a couple of straggler items – tins of soup and peas – rolling around at the bottom. They must’ve fallen out of one of the bags. It seemed a shame that they’d been forgotten, so I thought I’d gather them together into my bag.

Thing is, this bin was about four feet high. So to grab the tins, I had to fling myself over the edge, balancing on my toes, practically tipping myself inside. I thought I was going to dislocate my shoulder reaching to the bottom. And as I bent way over the edge, let’s just say anyone walking behind me got quite a view of my best side.

But I did manage to grab everything and put it in a bag – even my peanut butter – and set it back in the bin.

Sheesh. Didn’t realize you could pull a muscle doing this ….

P.S. Here’s Van Morrison with one of my favourite songs he sings, “Carrickfergus.” Enjoy!


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