Day 242: Tag-team heroes

The scene of the crime.
The scene of the crime.

Today was very low key in the good-deed department. I did try to be as pleasant and polite as possible to a telemarketer who called offering me furniture refinishing services.

Thing is, I have no need for these services, and they always seem to call at the precise moment my toast pops.

However, I tried to remember the caller was just doing their job. So I did not snap or slam down the phone, but let them down as gently as possible.

Today was “family day” here in Ontario. Only the second year for this holiday, which allows many workers to have a long weekend in the middle of dreary February.

So, for Family Day, I’d like to spotlight two very brave everyday heroes — Russel Cormier, a Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) ticket collector and an unidentified Good Samaritan.

Last week, a complete stranger pushed three teenage boys into the path of an oncoming subway train during rush hour.

This story terrified me because I’ve stood at the edge of that platform and felt the pressure of the crowd jostling behind me as the train approaches.

When this incident occurred, the boys’ friends alerted TTC staff, and Mr. Cormier and a commuter chased the suspect as the two boys returned to help their friends who were pinned underneath the train.

The two boys managed to roll to safety, narrowly missing the train that was pulling into the station. The foot of the third teen was clipped by the train and his injuries have required surgery.

Mr. Cormier and the patron chased the suspect for two blocks before tackling him to the ground outside a nearby restaurant. After a brief scuffle, the two men were able to retain the suspect until police arrived to make an arrest. He is now in custody and undergoing psychiatric evaluation.

Mr. Cormier says he doesn’t feel like a hero. He just feels like a man who did the right thing.

Sounds pretty heroic to me….


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