Day 247: Shovelling shift

Okay, so it wasn't quite this bad ....
Okay, so it wasn't quite this bad ....

Shovelling snow is one of those practical household skills I am not very good at. Others include ironing — items end up more wrinkled than when I started — and bed making (even fitted sheets hate me).

It’s a very underrated talent to be able to wield a heavy shovel quickly and efficiently so as to lift and toss as much snow as possible and leave a clear, even patch of driveway or sidewalk underneath. I don’t possess such a talent.

So when I decided I’d clear the sidewalk in front of our place and our neighbours’ while they’re out of town, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy.

And although I didn’t manage to get right down to the sidewalk for the whole stretch, I did clear a path for passersby (especially the ones with strollers, canes and shopping buggies that often go by).

I hesitated when I got to the outer edge of my neighbour’s property, however. There was one house left before the side street. The scary house.

You probably know what I mean. Every neighbourhood seems to have one. A sketchy ramshackle dwelling that has a broken front railing, crooked curtains and mysterious inhabitants no one really knows. (Actually, that sort of describes my house, growing up.)

Anyways, I was on a roll, so I kept going. After all, scary houses are often the ones who need a good turn most of all. I should know ….

P.S. Here’s a cool remix of the hit single, “Crush.” Enjoy!


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