Day 250: A poem lovely as a tree

charlie-brown-treeI have some sad news to report. Today, I checked up on the little cedar tree that I put back into the ground a while back, after it was blown over in a wind storm.

It’s been very windy lately so I thought I’d see how it was coping. It’s the second tree in a very straight row of about 12 small cedars. Only now it’s listing at about a 15 degree angle. Like a drunken sailor in roll call.

I tried to straighten it, but it’s frozen into the ground, so I let it be for the time being. It really does look like a Charlie Brown tree now.

I’m still hoping for the best, however, and will keep an eye out for the little guy.

I packed a little snow around the bottom figuring it might help stabilize it somehow. As you can tell, I’m not a professional tree hugger … just part-time….

P.S. A song called “Save the Day” seemed appropriate for the occasion. Enjoy!


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