Day 251: Baby, you can drive my car

One sweet ride.
One sweet ride.

A few weeks back, I left some coins in one of those kiddie rides at the mall so the next little boy or girl who came along could have a free ride.

I think I find this such a fun good deed to do because it’s not a stretch for me to think like a six-year-old!

It’s such fun, in fact, that today I tried it again over at the mall.

Tough decision though, as there were several rides to choose from. But the flying dragon and the braying donkey were borderline frightening (for me, anyway), so I went for the Mickey Mouse bulldozer, complete with a tractor-like seat.

Who hasn’t always wanted to drive a bulldozer, huh? Especially a real tough-guy model emblazoned with Mickey’s smiling face on the side?!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to wait and see if any of the little tikes close by took it for a spin.

Guess I’ll have to go back!

P.S. I’ll be on the road myself for the next few days. But never fear, I’ll be taking my good-deeding ways along. So please bear with me as the posting times may be a little e


One thought on “Day 251: Baby, you can drive my car

  1. Me too! I have over 1,000 miles ahead of me. Miles are harder than KM for some reason, even if you convert them. You’ll see a sign, drive a bunch, then notice “12 miles?!? That’s it?”. Kilometres seem to fly by, maybe because the distance math on highways is usually divisible by 100 and not 65!

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