Day 255: Kleenex caper

50kleenexWhen you’re crushed in a crowd waiting to get into a general admission concert, personal space is not an option – you’re a bunch of sardines. With coats.If the wait is a long one, you often end up talking to people you never would have otherwise. I mean, their elbow is wedged snugly under your rib cage, so you might as well exchange pleasantries.

You also overhear all manner of conversations and that’s what happened to me today. I heard a woman in front of the man in front of the woman in front of me asking her companions for a tissue. She had no luck.

Then I remembered I had a small package of them in my purse. But said handbag was completely flattened against my side by the large person standing next to me.

I managed to wriggle my arm free and squeeze my hand inside my pancake purse, narrowly missing dislocating my wrist. After much awkward fumbling, I did eventually find the pack and pull out two tissues.

Then I got the lady’s attention and reached forward through the crush to hand her the tissues.

Normally, I might not have wanted the person to know I overheard her conversation in the first place. Some people don’t take kindly to eavesdropping, after all.

But as it turned out, she was most grateful. Guess waving the tissues at her served as a white flag….

Reader mail
I received this lovely comment yesterday (thanks, Antonio!), and it was so inspiring, thought I’d move it up here to share:

Santa story
This morning I was rushing to work. Along the way I saw a card on the ground, and at the moment, it didn’t even crossed my mind to stop and grab it.

“After walking an entire block, the idea of the card being someone’s lost driver’s license crossed my mind. I realized I was already late for work and decided to go back. I was right, it was someone’s driver’s license and after spending the entire day thinking of the best way to return it, I decided to mail it to the address shown on the card. In an envelope, I wrote:

Dear Calisto,
People say Santa doesn’t exist…
This is a proof that he exists in every single one of us.
It’s up to us to recognize it.

Next time you have the chance to do something good to someone, remember the day Santa brought your Driver’s License back…

Hoping for a better world,
Santa Claus

“I attached a photo a lovely Santa smiling, and wrote Santa’s imaginary address from the North Pole on the sender’s field. By doing it so, I spent 42c and 10 minutes, which have probably saved hours of frustration for the person who lost his ID. When I imagine the person’s expression when opening the letter, my heart fills with hope and I smile.

“I think a day without a good deed is not a complete day.”

I just knew there was a Santa Claus ….


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