Day 256: Litter lady

Litter on ice.
Litter on ice.

I’ve noticed a quirky side effect to my periodic neighbourhood litter collection.

Now, if I’m walking any distance anywhere, I can’t help but notice the litter on my way and feel compelled to pick it up.

It’s worse on a snowy day because the bright garish colours of the discarded wrappers and coffee cups pop like sprinkles on an ice cream cone — nasty, gross sprinkles.

In any case, pick them up I did today. If only I could be this neat around the house….

P.S. I came across this lovely story and meant to include it as my Sunday “Everyday hero” post but… well … forgot. So here it is now, please enjoy!

Snow angel
I always procrastinate about shovelling the snow. Finally I decided I would at least carve out a path for my car and the sidewalks. The snow had frozen in the cold weather and it was a difficult task. I decided to leave it that night, and hope that the sun in the morning would melt some of it for me.

The next morning, I woke up to a cleanly shovelled driveway and sidewalk! I had no idea who had done this. My neighbour told me that it was another neighbour. He is a lawyer who works late, and saw me struggling by myself late at night. So he took it upon himself to help.

I never get to see Ken, because he is always at work when I’m at home. So I left him a batch of muffins, and a gift coupon to Tim Hortons. Thanks again!Katie, Toronto


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