Day 258: Dine and deed

Luke's Diner: Serves the best fictional coffee in Star's Hollow
Luke's Diner: Serves the best fictional coffee in Star's Hollow

I’ve always loved diners. You know, those greasy-spoon joints with swivel stools along an arborite counter, vinyl padded banquettes and a tough-talkin’ waitress named Millie who looks like she could be the local tobacco-spitting champ?

Don’t know why I love sitting in those booths, drinking steaming java out of a heavy mug and pulling the toothpicks out of my club sandwich, but I do.

This trip, I was lucky enough to get to a classic diner for breakfast (which was available 24 hours a day. So you could order eggs over-easy at 11 a.m. or p.m. How cool is that?).

Each booth had one of those small, wall-mounted jukeboxes with pages of song titles you turned before dropping in your coins and selecting your song number.

They offered a very eclectic choice of tunes at this diner — everything from Patsy Cline to Patti Smith. My friends and I settled on Springsteen but ended up with Beyoncé, somehow.

And you probably know what’s coming next … (gee whiz, I’m getting predictable).

I decided to leave some coins on the flat area beside the coin slot so the next diner could enjoy some music to accompany their “two chicks on a raft” or “Zeppelins in a fog” (see below) … unless, of course, Millie got there first!

Diner Lingo

Here’s a sampling of old-fashioned diner slang from the 1920s (I could really go for some Nervous Pudding right now….):

Adam and Eve on a raft – Two poached eggs on toast
Blonde with Sand – Coffee with cream and sugar
Burn one – Put a hamburger on the grill
Burn one, take it through the garden and pin a rose on it – Hamburger
with lettuce, tomato and onion
Eve with a lid on – Apple pie
Eve with a mouldy lid – Apple pie with a slice of cheese
Frog sticks – French fries
Go for a walk – An order to go, a takeaway
Hockey puck – A hamburger, well done
Houseboat – A banana split
Ice the rice – Rice pudding with ice cream
Keep off the grass – No lettuce
Life preservers – Doughnuts
Nervous pudding – Jello
Paint it red – Put ketchup on an item
Put out the lights and cry – Liver and onions
Shingle with a shimmy and a shake – Buttered toast with jam
Two cows, make ’em cry – Two hamburgers with onions
Wax – American cheese
Wreck ’em – Scramble the eggs
Zeppelins in a fog – Sausages and mash

P.S. Song for the day, “Zero Gravity” (written by David Archuleta and Toronto’s Mike Krompass). Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Day 258: Dine and deed

  1. LOL. My home state – New Jersey, has one of the most concentrated areas of the “real old-fashioned” diners. On visits, I never miss a chance to enjoy the good food, generous portions… and reflect on a time when the Jitterbug and Lindy were the dance styles of the day! But now, while I yearn for a triple layer strawberry shortcake piled high with real whipped cream… the video you included has me bouncing like a red rubber ball!

  2. Thanks, Davis, I’ll make a note with the pencil tucked behind my ear! 😉

    Bluebarsa, yes, great song, huh?!

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