Day 259: Paper chase

Do not try this at home, folks.
Do not try this at home, folks.

I’ve been dutifully tossing my newspaper into the recycle box every day after reading it. (I read the Life and Arts sections first and, if I’m feeling up to facing bad news, turn to the front page last.)

Today, after finishing up my reading, I had a brain wave. (It does happen once in a while… about as frequently as Halley’s Comet.)

I had managed not to crumple up the paper too much, so I thought, instead of recycling it, why not reuse it … sort of re-gift it?

There’s a bus stop on my corner where a number of newspaper boxes are lined up. The box for the Globe and Mail (which I subscribe to) requires coins to open, whereas other boxes are free for the opening.

Thinking a rush hour commuter might appreciate a more substantial read than the “Condo Bargain Dealer” can give them, I decided to slip my newspaper into the box. I left it right on top of the other editions.

So either the next person to open the box got a nice surprise, or a prospective condo buyer thought they’d opened the wrong box….

Reader mail
Here’s a lovely story from a reader (thanks, Bea!) I wanted to share. Enjoy!

[Re “Day 257: Fly away”] Reminds me of a time I found someone’s paycheck stuck in the bushes by my house.

I called the company it was from, explaining the situation and asked to speak to the person it belonged to. The young man on the other end of the phone was so grateful. He told me he had received this check the day before and had placed it in his car’s visor but didn’t realize it had blown out of the window.

He told me he had searched everywhere in his house and car and was just about to go to the company payroll to have it canceled. But he would have had to wait for the next pay period to get a replacement. Since he needed the money right away.

I was especially happy to know he lived in the neighborhood, and I was able to deliver the check to his house within minutes. His wife was there at the door holding a baby; she offered me coffee, but, just seeing the smiles on both their faces was enough “thank you” for me.


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