Day 260: Road warrior

Gee, my driver's uniform was not this snazzy.
Gee, my driver's uniform was not this snazzy.

I took a Greyhound bus trip this week and those of us sitting in the front ended up chatting with the driver. I think he appreciated it, though, driving the same route day after day must get tedious.

I’m glad we did get him talking because he mentioned he hadn’t slept well the night before and was feeling sleepy – not what you want to hear from your bus driver.

After jokingly suggesting to him that a stop at Tim Hortons would be nice, he did just that. I offered to get him a coffee but he turned me down. (And no, it wasn’t just a ploy to get some caffeine into his system … although….)

We got back to Toronto with a bang – literally. When he stopped at a light, a pedestrian knocked on the bus door and told the driver there was smoke billowing from the back of the bus.

The woman sitting in the second row exclaimed, “Oh no! My fiancé had a dream something bad was going to happen on this trip!” Again, NOT what you want to hear at that precise moment.

I tried to reassure her that it would be fine, that we were mere minutes from reaching the terminal (meanwhile I had visions of the back of the bus exploding into flames). She said she didn’t know the city and could she follow me to the station if we had to get off. I said, no problem, and that it was right around the corner.

The driver kept his cool, however, and drove calmly back to the terminal. I was never happier to disembark, and I thanked him for getting us back safely.

He was a kind man, really. During the trip, he told a story of recently rescuing a litter of kittens, getting up in the night to nurse them back to health and now finding homes for them – no wonder he was tired!


Everyday hero #2
Speaking of kitten kindness, here’s a lovely story excerpted from my local paper:

Yemena Desta, floor manager of the Turtle Island Recycling warehouse on Cherry Street, was throwing boxes on the conveyor belt to be crushed into one-tonne blocks, when he heard an odd sound. Inside the box were three kittens, black, grey and tabby.

He brought them to the attention of his general manager, who took the five-day-old felines home, and cared for them but wasn’t able to keep them. That’s when Louis Anagnostakos, co-founder of Turtle Island stepped in. He took the remained two kittens (the black cat didn’t survive) to his Aurora farm where they are currently living happily ever after.

Call it a furry tale … sorry, couldn’t resist….


One thought on “Day 260: Road warrior

  1. Deb,

    We never discussed it but yes, (a little concerned when the bus driver tells you he is tired and didn’t sleep well last night)… and you still have 2 hours left until you reach your destination!…. yikes. Don’t worry……..I had my eyes on his the entire ride!! I hope for his sake(and that of future greyhound patrons) that there are some kind people who took those kittens off his hands!!

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