Day 262: Return of the litter lady

It's my turn on the jungle gym, dang it!
It's my turn on the jungle gym, dang it!

Took a walk today and, although I wasn’t planning to, ended up doing a mini litter collection (as opposed to my usual super-size trash compacting).

Here’s how it came about (oooo, suspense!).

I was innocently strolling along when the wind picked up and I jammed my hands in my pockets. Something in there made a crinkling noise … pray tell, a plastic bag.

I took it out of my pocket and figured I might as well use it. And, sure enough, all along my path were discarded coffee cups, water bottles and even a milk carton.

Many of these stray items were strewn across the lawn of a big fancy banquet hall. I almost didn’t grab those thinking it was the responsibility of the owner or manager to keep their premises tidy, but since I was sort of on a roll, into the bag they went.

I walked over to the park toward the two large trash and recycle bins located there, and saw something unusual — a little girl of about six playing alone on the jungle gym. Not a common sight these days.

I looked around for any adults and spotted her mom (I think) watching the girl play from her car. The vehicle door was wide open and the woman sat sideways on the front seat, her feet on the ground. She wore high heels and a fancy coat, and she was knitting up a storm.

This observation has no relevance whatsoever to my litter collection or any other good deed but the image sort of stuck with me so I’m including it here … if you see any possible connection or significance, please let me know….

P.S. Song for the day, “Somebody Out There” by Toronto’s Mike Krompass and David Archuleta. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Day 262: Return of the litter lady

  1. random three of onethousand reasons to feel enchanted just now: there will always be somebody out there, i am fond of your adventures and the significant connection of the girl and the mom by the jungle gym might have been misleading. one fine day, if you ever pass her again, which you just might – twinkle, twinkle – ask her: “you will not believe how glad i am to see you here again…”
    ofcourse you are crazy.

    stay well, play happy, xxx

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