Day 264: Follow the good-deed brick road

Just another day, skipping home from the office....
Just another day, skipping home from the office....

Today was one of those windy days you half-expected you’d swirl off and end up in Oz.

But, alas, no. North York it was, Toto.

The wind was so strong, however, that waiting for the bus definitely meant taking shelter in the …um … shelter.

When I got to the stop, there was already a lady huddling behind the glass. She was bundled against the cold and had a white scarf, thick as a bed sheet, wrapped around her head.

She gazed sternly off into the distance as if she was trying to will the bus to come. (I know that look. I’ve used that look.) I smiled hello, but she was too laser-focused to notice.

Then, another commuter arrived. A fresh-faced high school student with her hair in a ponytail and heavy plaid backpack hanging from her shoulders. I waited and let them board the bus and get first crack at any available seats.

I said good morning to the bus driver and thanked him when I got off, which, I’m embarrassed to say, sometimes I forget to do because I’m walking in a bit of a fog at that early hour. But today I’m glad I remembered. Here’s why.

When I got on the subway, a poster on the wall informed me that “Each day at least one TTC worker is assaulted.” Yikes. That statistic saddened and disturbed me.

I’d heard of incidents of violence on Toronto public transit but had assumed they were isolated cases. These men and women aren’t law enforcement officers, after all. They drive us to work, or school, or to the mall. Sheesh.

I have a feeling it’s going to be easier to remember to say hello from now on….

P.S. Now this public transit experience made me smile. Hope it does the same for you!

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