Day 269: Make a wish

This was me today ... only not a double-decker bus ... and nowhere near as trendy.
This was me today ... except the bus was no double-decker ... and I can only dream of being this trendy.

You know those days when your timing is off right out of the gate? That was my day today. I was steps from the curb as I watched my bus sail by — early.

Then I headed around the corner to catch my Plan B bus and it too was early (never occurred to me that I was actually running late).

One bonus was the light was red and if I really sprinted when it turned green I’d have a chance to catch it.

I tensed every muscle ready to spring forward on green as if I was in the 100-yard dash waiting for the starting pistol. When both lights were red for a second, I heard a low voice say, “Run!” (which was odd, cause the voice in my head is usually a higher pitch).But run I did.

That’s when I realized there were two ladies behind me also running. One yelled, laughing, “Stop the bus!” Out of the corner of my eye, I glanced back and saw them falling behind. They were older, shorter and carrying big, bulging shopping bags. It was up to me now. I had to run faster — for the team.

Thank goodness I wasn’t wearing high heels.

The bus stopped and there were about three or four people lined up to get on. The last person boarded just as I arrived. I panted at the open door for a second and pointed to the ladies on their way with their bags.

The driver nodded, we all made it on, and I’ve now vowed to get into better shape … call it a good deed for my lungs!

Everyday heroine
This honour is usually reserved for Sundays, but a friend shared her story with me today and I thought it was pretty dang heroic.

She’s also a fan of a certain uber-talented singer (coughDavid Archuletacough) and wanted to donate to a charity site called Angels for a Cause that’s been founded in his honour. So she participated in their charity auction for two concert tickets, then turned around and re-donated the prize to the Make a Wish Foundation.

So Haylee, 15, got a lovely surprise from Make a Wish — tickets to see her favourite singer in concert. Here’s more about Haylee:
She loves the book series Twilight, the color pink and hanging out with friends. She is also a Boise State Broncos fan, thinks tree frogs are really cool, loves a variety of music and is being treated for optic glioma.
This condition occurs when a benign tumor is located on the optic nerve or optic chiasm causing pressure and destruction of the optic nerve tissue. While this condition is anything but comfortable and makes her everyday life a little more challenging than most teenagers, Haylee remains optimistic.
The anticipation of her wish coming true next fall has also helped to motivate Haylee to get through her treatments and gives her something to look forward to and to focus on in place of needles, chemo and radiation treatments, and hospital beds.
Haylee’s wish is to go on a Caribbean Cruise! This wish fulfillment is sure to be a vacation not soon forgotten and will be the beginning of a very sunny future for Haylee and her family.
P.S. You knew there was going to be a video, right? Enjoy!

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