Day 270: St. Patrick’s Day deeds

gaelicprayerHappy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!

Being of Irish-Italian heritage, I celebrated the day by sprinkling Italian parsley on my Irish stew. Hey, I know how to pull out all the stops for special occasions.

When shopping for said parsley, I decided to also get something for the food bank bin at the front of my grocery store. I’ve been trying to pick up an item or two on a regular basis (rather than waiting to fill up a whole bag a couple of times a year).

My challenge is always what to select. If you do fill a bag, you can mix and match, but with only a couple of items, the pressure’s on.

Potatoes would have been the classic Irish choice, but I was limited to the non-perishables so, unfortunately, no spuds allowed. (And my Irish father and father-in-law would take turns throttling me if I was ever caught on a security camera buying instant potatoes.)

A friend whose parents help run their local food bank up north (thanks, OWW!) suggested that condiments are often in short supply on their shelves, so that’s what I bought.

I picked up a couple of basics — ketchup and mustard — and threw in a jar of peanut butter just to mix it up a little.

Hmm, should’ve gone for the green ketchup ….

P.S. I little Irish tune for one and all. Enjoy!


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