Day 272: A tree grows in … Toronto

treecartoonI hugged a tree today. Literally. A five-foot cedar at the end of my street. The one I tried to save after it blew down in a mid-winter windstorm.

It had been doing so well lately – standing tall (almost straight), full and green. But when I walked by today I gasped.

It was listing at a 45-degree angle to the rest of the row of trees. So hug it I did. Not for affection (although I do love the little guy) but to pull it upright.

I wrestled it into position and tried to tamp down the earth around the root ball with my foot. By the time I finished it seemed fairly straight, so I stood back to compare it with the others.

A guy in a ball cap and ski jacket walked up. “I have to do that every morning,” he said, chortling. “Then it topples over again every time a high wind blows.”

“Really?” I said, feeling defeated.

“Yeah,” he pointed to the public storage building on the property. Turned out, he worked there. “We tried putting extra top soil to anchor it, and everything.”

He went on to explain that the row of cedars had originally been planted to stop trucks from the warehouse across the street from driving up on their lawn. A living fence of sorts.

He theorized that the landscapers who did the job didn’t dig a hole deep enough for my little tree — hence its wobbliness. “I saw you trying to fix it,” he smiled. “But they’re going to have to come back, dig a deeper hole and plant it properly.”

He nodded as if to indicate that he’d make sure they came back.

So nice to meet a fellow arboreal embracer….

P.S. The quality of this video isn’t the greatest. But the vocals sure are. Enjoy!


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