Day 277: Door crashers

Door to spring: Ahhhh, lovely.
Door to spring: Ahhhh, lovely.

Today was a door-opening day. That’s it, I’m afraid.

I did think about trying to mastermind world peace but ran out of time … I was too busy opening doors!

Funny how these things happen in waves. I was walking along the underground path from the subway, pushed through one of the heavy doors to the next tunnel and saw a mom rushing behind me.

She had her toddler’s hand clutched in hers as she struggled to balance two knapsacks and a drink cup in the other. The look of relief on her face as I stood there holding the door open made the wait well worth it. (As did the silly grin on her little boy, one of those contagious child-smiles.)

After that, I was on a roll and it was one door after another, it seemed.

My pièce de la résistance, my golden door moment, if you will, was approaching a multiple door entrance, again underground. I saw a woman rolling a suitcase coming through on the left, so I pushed to exit on the right.

I noticed the door wasn’t budging. (Probably because she was clearly in a hurry and struggling at the door in a panic.) So I stepped back through mine, said, “Looks like that one’s stuck” and held the door open to let her come through mine.

Again, the relief in her eyes made my 2.2 second delay well worth it….

P.S. Song of the day, Save the Day. Enjoy!


One thought on “Day 277: Door crashers

  1. So glad to hear that I’m not the only one charting our good deeds in the blogosphere who has resorted to reporting door opening and trash pickup. I’m sick of the trash thing, too. I mean, I picked it up BEFORE I started blogging, and I’ll pick it up long after. I don’t even blog about it every time. After all, I’m focusing on but one deed per day.

    Thanks for blogging your efforts! I hope we’re able to inspire others to jump on board to do a bit more for their own communities.

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