Day 278: Absent-minded good-deeder

commutercartoonIt was bonehead day today here at GDAD. The bonehead in question? That would be me.

Bonehead move #1: I became so engrossed in the newspaper story I was reading on selfishness* that I almost knocked a little old lady out of the way on the way to a newly vacated seat.

What made it worse, was that the seat was newly vacated because an advanced level good deeder was giving up her seat for the senior.

I didn’t even notice the cute grey-haired granny in her powder blue trench coat and matching hat, only that someone was about to stand up and a seat was becoming available.

Luckily, Granny was a speedy old gal and had accepted the lady’s offer and slipped onto the seat before I could bump her out of the way.

Bonehead move #2: On the same trip, I almost tripped over an empty iced tea bottle rolling around at the base of the escalator.

I thought I’d do the right thing and pick it up but forgot about the rush of people behind me. Picture Pamplona without the bulls.

So I foolishly bent down and picked it up and almost got trampled in the process. What did I tell you? Bonehead move. But I did eventually find a bottle recycling receptacle on the upper level, so mission accomplished….

*It was another story, but I thought this was funnier. Not so much.

P.S. It was raining today, so here’s one of my favourite rainy day songs. Enjoy!


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