Day 281: Good deeds galore

littercartoonI was back to litter lady deeds today on a small scale. I attended a luncheon and even though

I wasn’t officially part of the organizing committee, after the event was over, I did my best to help the volunteers tidy up the room.

I got a little carried away at one point, however. I picked up what I thought was someone’s abandoned lunch. Wrong.

Just as I was about to make off with her half-eaten sandwich, a lovely lady returned to her seat and politely asked me to, “Please step away from the sandwich” … or words to that effect.

What I did notice today, however, were two very kind gestures done by strangers that I wanted to share.

Speaking of litter ladies, I saw a woman who was waiting for a bus with her five-year-old son, holding a banana peel. Probably the remains of her son’s snack, I figured.

She looked all around her for a trash receptacle and, not seeing one, grabbed her son’s hand and led him away from the stop and across a drive-through lane to toss it in a trash bin. I was so impressed that she risked missing her bus so as not to be a litter bug.

The second gesture I noticed while riding the bus. A lady in dreadlocks, wearing a long peasant dress peeking out from under her parka, got on and asked the driver to wait because there was another woman who was trying to catch the bus.

The driver did wait until the woman approached the door, they checked with her to see if she needed the bus. She said no, and so we drove off. I thought, wow, how nice was that.

If you spot any good-deed-doers in action in your travels, I’d love to hear about it!

P.S. And a good turn came my in the form of a much-needed lift from someone I’d never met, but who kindly provided transportation and a very fascinating tour of her old neighbourhood. Thanks, Jaimie!  🙂


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