Day 286: Good deeds, great art

Check out for more.
Check out for more.

It was a windy, rainy day here at GDAD.

I tried to be a considerate driver today.

I slowed down to let someone in ahead of me and got a quick wave from the driver, which was nice.

I also parked at the far end of the parking lot in the spaces no one ever seems to want. (I figured I needed the exercise anyway.)

You’ll notice a link in my blogroll called “This World Photography Exhibit.” Well, the exhibit showcases a very talented Brazilian artist and photographer named Antonio Lennert, and if you happen to be in the Dallas area this month, check out his exhibit, This World by Antonio Lennert.

A portion of the exhibit’s proceeds will be donated to the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, which treats children’s orthopedic conditions, such as scoliosis, clubfoot, and limb length differences, and other related neurological and learning disorders.

P.S. Remember that birthday card I struggled so hard to get in the mail in time to send to my friend in England. It came back to me today. Insufficient postage. Sigh.

P.P.S. Thought this was simply beautiful. Enjoy!


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