Day 288: Roll up the rim to win

It is better to have rolled and lost than never to have rolled at all.
It is better to have rolled and lost than never to have rolled at all.

The other day my sister asked me if I’d ever won anything from any of the Tim Hortons coffee cups I pick up on my litter-collection walks in the neighbourhood.

Tim Hortons is running a promotion whereby you “Roll Up the Rim” of each paper cup to find out if you won a prize*.

Truth is, it never occurred to me to check. The cups are usually in nasty condition when I find them and I prefer to spend as little time with them as possible.

So my sister took pity on me and gave me one of her winning cups (not one of the big prizes, mind you, but a free cup of coffee).

No need to tell you what I did with it … but I will. 🙂

I tore off the winning section of the rim intending to give it away when the opportunity presented itself. And it did on my way to work this morning.

I took a chance that my bus would be late and I walked to the Tim Hortons next door to the bus stop. It was pouring rain so I had to think fast.

There didn’t seem to be any pedestrian traffic so I sized up the drive-through lane. The cars all looked pretty fancy but then I spotted my target. A creaky rusting sedan with beads hanging from the rear-view mirror.

In the driver’s seat was a lovely, dark-haired twentysomething woman who looked as though she was headed to work.

I crossed the lane and walked up to her window as she lowered it to place her order.

I think I startled her, though, so I’m glad she had her foot on the brake.

When she finished ordering her breakfast bagel, I asked her if she’d like a free coffee and handed her the winning rim.

She looked surprised but in a good way. I got back to the stop just in time to catch my bus.

Guess you could call it a good-deed hit and run!

P.S. In the mood for some fun and games? Here’s a link to the Roll Up the Rim Memory Game. Have fun!

* I am officially the opposite of a genius. I’ve been picking up these blasted cups for months, and just checked the Tim Hortons website and found out that the prizes include 35 cars (cars!?!), 1,000 laptops (laptops!?!), cash (cash!?!!), along with food and coffee (meh). Oh, man.


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