Day 289: Sorry, wrong number

telephoncartoonDo you ever get a message on your voice mail that’s a wrong number?

I’m never sure quite what to do when that happens. I feel responsible somehow. That this important message has been delivered but there’s no one there to receive it.

Like, if a tree falls in the … oh, never mind.

But today the wrong-number message was a long distance call from a resort in Florida. The reservations desk person was asking “Patricia” to call back, and if she didn’t hear from her today, she’d lose her reservation.

Vacations are precious jewels of time and I couldn’t stand idly by and deny Patricia her holiday.

So I called the 1-800 number that the reservations desk person had left on my voice mail. I explained what had happened and gave them as many details as I could.

The hotel person thanked me and I sensed she was surprised that I’d bothered to call them and explain.

But that’s just it … it was no bother at all….

P.S. Live, from Chicago’s House of Blues. Enjoy!


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