Day 290: Room with a view

Cool bookshelf, huh?
Cool bookshelf, huh?

I paid a special visit today. I met a friend in a beautiful sitting room located on the main floor of a University of Toronto student residence building.

Mounted on the wall was a plaque dedicating the room to the memory of our late friend, Francine.

The building was her home for three years while she attended U of T and she made many close lasting friendships there. After her death last winter, her mother redecorated the room in her memory.

The colours and upholstery fabrics were warm and earthy, just like she was. Looking around at the perfectly symmetrical placement of everything, I smiled picturing the expression on her face if she could see the room. She had great style of her own and I could imagine her moving end tables, testing different furniture placement, shifting paintings around and maybe adding a bookshelf. She loved books.

The friend I went with had also lived in the residence. We sat there for a while in silence, lost in our own thoughts. Then we talked about some of the great memories we had of our friend and laughed and talked some more. It felt lovely and peaceful in the room and I was a little sad to leave.

Nice to know I can go back. I know I won’t find her there but in a way I will.

P.S. Sitting in front of the security guard at the front desk were three piggy banks: pink, blue and green. He said the students on each floor had a bank to collect coins for a charity penny drive. He wasn’t sure which charity. I gave to each equally, although the green one was my favourite.


5 thoughts on “Day 290: Room with a view

  1. Re Day 276 Birthday Surprise

    Hurray my birthday card arrived today and I it made me very happpy – Have a great Easter

    Love Elaine

  2. Thanks for sharing such a personal experience. Memories are truly a powerful force in our lives. It amazes me that just by running my fingers over my late grandmother’s button collection I can smell her cookies and the lilacs in her backyard.

    Love the Pisa-esque book shelf!

  3. Happy belated, b-day, E!

    Swankycat, I collect buttons too! What lovely memories to have of your grandmother. It is funny how those simple, everyday things can keep you connected to the ones you love.

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