Day 296: Standing room

2stone_mother_teresaYou know those times when you’re standing there feeling the pull of the past but you know you must step forward into the future?

Not so much?

Well, this meaningful moment came to me today as I waited on the subway platform during rush hour. As the train pulled up, I spotted a single empty seat through the window.

My commuter survival skills kicked in and I tensed every muscle in anticipation of the race for the bench.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a young woman with short dark hair standing to my left. She was similarly poised to spring for the open seat. The train screeched to a halt and the doors slid open.

Then a strange thing happened.

Against all instincts honed by years of subway travel, I hung back and let her race past me and sit down.

I realized then and there that the tiniest micro-millimetre of attitude shift has happened for me. For today anyway.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Mother Teresa. But at least now I feel confident I’d be willing to give her my seat on the subway ….

P.S. Time for a little “Stand By Me.” Enjoy!


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