Day 298: Food bank, Take 2

Frighteningly real looking.
How do I frighten thee? Let me count the ways.

I got a lovely message recently from a sister good-deed blog called 1000 Mitzvahs.

The site was started two years ago by Linda Cohen, an Oregon mother-of-two in memory of her late father.

One of the meanings of mitzvah is “an act of human kindness.” And to mark her upcoming 1,000th mitzvah — and in honour of her dad, who loved to cook — Linda asked her readers to make a food bank donation.

Now, celebrating a milestone like mitzvah #1,000 isn’t something I get to do everyday, so I headed to the grocery store for that express purpose. I didn’t actually need any personal supplies – or so I thought.

Once I got there, of course, I passed the apples, the yogurt and the lemons….

It wasn’t until I was at the cash register that I remembered why I’d come to the store in the first place. I looked down at my purchases floating innocently along the conveyor belt – all perishable.

It was after 6 p.m., the mad “what on earth can I make for dinner” panic rush. There were, like, a thousand people behind me in line.

I’m sure you can guess what I did next. I paid for my perishables, then I bravely swam upstream against the crowds back into the store.

Unlike previous food-bank shopping trips, where I couldn’t decide between choosing from aisle A or B, this time I followed my first instinct and went for comfort food ingredients: a package of pasta and a jar of tomato sauce with “extra garden vegetables.”

After depositing my items in the food-bank bin at the front of the store, I stopped by the shopping carts lined up at the entrance. I put a quarter in one of them and freed it from its shackles so the next person wouldn’t have to bother. (I won’t reveal to you how long it took me to master this skill of hand-eye-coordination the first time I tried it. Let me just say that several fingernails became casualties.)

P.S. You’ve probably seen this Susan Boyle video as it’s spreading across the globe faster than Bird Flu, but it’s worth another look.  Enjoy!


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