Day 300: National Good Deedery Day

stairselevatorcartooonWas today declared official Public Transit Good Deedery Day, or something, and nobody bothered to tell me?

I witnessed so many random acts of kindness all around me I practically got whiplash trying to keep track.

First there was the twentysomething Asian guy in jeans and a hoodie who leapt to the aid of a young mom with a stroller perched perilously at the top of a steep set of stairs at the subway.

While she held the handle of the stroller, he grabbed the bar between the front wheels and walked backwards all the way down the neverending staircase. She thanked him profusely and they parted ways.

But then, he jumped into action again and did the same thing for her at the next set of stairs leading down to the train. Again risking life and limb by walking backwars. So chivalry isn’t dead after all. I was astounded and amazed, and just might alert the media.

That guy so inspired me, I passed up a prime seat when I boarded the train and stood at the back, where I saw my second act of kindness in action. A filthy ragamuffin of a young woman (who appeared to be either homeless or mentally ill or both) sat muttering to herself by the door and started to become agitated when more passengers crowded onto the car.

A smartly dressed business woman accidentally bumped the ragamuffin’s arm with her large purse, apologized to her and they ended up conversing for a couple of minutes about handbags. This conversation didn’t just amaze me because the seated woman was so scruffy. It amazed me because they were two strangers. In Toronto. On the subway.

Next, I saw a distinguished grey-haired Indian man giving a tourist from Buffalo directions in a most patient and careful fashion.

And this fiesta of public transit good deeds came my way when a lady in a black rain coat put her shiny arm out to prevent me from sitting on a seat that had been soiled with either mashed apple or pear, it was hard to tell.

The weather might have been miserable today, but down in the subway tunnels, the forecast was warm and sunny. I still can’t quite believe it.

P.S. Here is Brandi Carlile’s, The Story, kinda haunting. Enjoy!


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