Day 301: Getting better all the time

Favourite. Book. Ever.
Favourite. Book. Ever.

Wow, broke the 300 mark! Cool.

I got a message recently from Wendy at Spread Change (a blog about budget philanthropy — thrifty good deeds, if you will).

She had read my post about sending a letter to a friend I’d lost touch with and asked if I could send a letter to Charlotte (a friend of Wendy’s pal Erin) who’d been in an accident and is just coming out of a coma.

She included a link to her post about it, which explained, “[Charlotte] will be in the hospital for a while probably and could use some mail to keep her busy.”

I read Charlotte’s story and she’s been through a lot so I sat down and wrote her a letter today.

It felt a little strange to write to someone I don’t know. So I tried to imagine myself in her shoes and how nice it would feel to get some words of encouragement when you’re trying to get back on your feet. So that’s what I tried to send in my letter, some words of encouragement.

You can read the whole story about Charlotte at Erin’s site. And if you feel in the mood to write a letter, it can be addressed to:

Charlotte Lewis
C/O Erin L. Delaney
R. 1220 South Prospect Street
Nanticoke PA 18634

P.S. Here are John, Paul, George & Ringo. Enjoy!


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