Day 303: Compliments, compliments

Is this not the cutest thing ever?
Is this not the cutest thing ever?

I visited my father-in-law in the hospital today and spotted a really cool bulletin board in the hallway.

The staff had set up a Compliment Board and tacked up in the middle was an envelope that was supposed to be filled with star-shaped pieces of paper for leaving messages.

The sign on the envelope read:

Compliment Board
Receiving a compliment can make someone’s day.
Pick a star and write one today.

(I love that they made it rhyme.)

I looked in the envelope but there were no stars left. That’s because they were pinned up all over the board, mostly with notes of thanks to “Nurse Gloria,” “all the doctors and nurses,” and many other names.

Also pinned there were thank you notes and gift tags that you could tell were once affixed to flowers or boxes of chocolates.

[Random aside: Last year when my mom was in the hospital, my sister and I gave a box of chocolates for my mom’s nurses. Turned out, they had just formed a “Biggest Loser” team that was competing against nurses at another hospital to see who could shed the most pounds in two months. We took the chocolates away and brought back flowers instead.]

With no stars to be had, I fumbled around in my purse and came up with a piece of blank paper. I wrote a note complimenting the great team who worked in the section my father-in-law is in for their capable, kind care.

There weren’t very many blank spaces, lots of compliments to go around, but I found one (near the middle, I might add), and pinned it to the board. My compliments to whoever came up with the brilliant idea….

P.S. Here’s a lovely song from Brooke White, “Hold Up My Heart.” Enjoy!


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