Day 306: Toque talk

Red toque-macaque: But not the one on the boy's head.
Red toque-macaque: But not the one on the boy's head.

My little friend with the red toque was back at the bus stop today. I haven’t seen him since the winter.

As you may recall, even on warmish days, he’d arrive at the stop bundled up like the Michelin Man.

Even though it was rainy and about 9 C this morning, he was as well insulated as ever in a down jacket, fleece scarf and, yes, his trademark red hat.

What was new were his eyeglasses, which his mom started to polish for him as soon as they arrived at the bus stop.

“Hold them by the frames,” he instructed her in a most serious sing-song voice, “not the lenses.”

A line had formed by the time they arrived and I noticed the mom limping slightly, favouring her left leg, which could explain why she always seemed so winded when they got to the stop.

I let them go ahead of me onto the bus so they could find a seat together, which they did. She read the paper and he looked out the window through his newly polished lenses.

It occurred to me that glasses aren’t the only things that help you see more clearly.

Reader mail
Received this lovely note from a lovely friend (thanks, Val!) and just had to share:

Today I parked my car in one of those lots where you have to buy the ticket first and display it on your dash. As I pulled in, a car was leaving and this couple leaned out the window and asked me if I wanted their ticket. They were leaving and still had two hours left on their ticket. Yeah! It saved me $6. I only went to the fruit shop so there was still over an hour on it when I was leaving so I handed it off to another arrival.

Ain’t paying it forward grand?

P.S. Here’s one of my favourite jazz singers, Stacey Kent. Enjoy!


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