Day 308: Good deedin’ in the rain

Sometimes you just have to love the rain.
Sometimes you just have to love the rain.

April showers is right. This morning, the heavens opened and buckets of rain water bombed us all — teaching me that when it comes to water fights, Mother Nature always wins.

This weather makes it tough to be a considerate commuter, but I tried my best today.

Ducking into the bus shelter or onto the bus, you have to time the closing of your umbrella just right.

If you do it too soon, you get drenched. Too late, and you thwack someone in the face with your brolly.

To make things even more complicated, my subway station is undergoing renovations, so there’s a bit of a walk to the building after you get off the bus — partway under construction site walkways, the rest in open air.

To avoid poking anyone in the eye with my umbrella, I only opened it part way shielding basically only the top of my scalp from raindrops.

Then, on the train, I fastened the Velcro tab around the wet folds so they wouldn’t drip on anyone. (Not easy when the train is moving fast and you’re holding on for dear life with one hand and holding an umbrella in the other.)

Lesson learned? Forget the umbrella altogether and wear a waterproof raincoat with hood. And sing. In the rain….

P.S. Here’s George Sampson, “Singin’ in the Rain” dance (Winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2008). Enjoy!


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