Day 312: Relay for Life

relay4lifeAt 75 years young, my dad is going on his first ever walkathon next month — a long one. And I’m proud to sponsor him for a change.

It’s the 12-hour overnight Relay for Life fundraiser for cancer research.  Events will be taking place across Canada (and in other countries) and my dad will be walking in the Milton, Ontario, relay.

To remember loved ones lost to cancer, luminaries are lit at dusk.
To remember loved ones lost to cancer, luminaries are lit at dusk.

He lost his wife, Barb, to cancer last summer and he’ll part of a team made up of Barb’s sisters and friends. Teams wear matching T-shirts or hats, so my dad went all out and picked up a bunch of safari hats and artificial flowers and plans to decorate them for each member to wear.

Before she got sick, Barb used to walk with her sisters in the Milton Relay for Life. Now, my dad will take her place on the team.

More info from their website:

“The Canadian Cancer Society Relay For Life is more than just a fundraiser. It is an opportunity to get together with family and friends and celebrate cancer survivors, remember loved ones lost to cancer, and fight back in the hope of finding a cure for this terrible disease.”

P.S. I apologize for my late posting. Little under the weather today!

P.P.S. Here’s a little video about Relay for Life, music by Nelly Furtado:


2 thoughts on “Day 312: Relay for Life

  1. We live across the street from a school track. And every year from our balcony, we watch everyone set up for the Relay for Life. People put up tents, and there’s live music (which they courteously turn down at a certain point in the night). And they walk and walk and walk – all night.

    Once it’s dark and all the luminaries are set up all around the track and lit, the impact is quite heart wrenching, and beautiful.Every single one of them represents a loved one who has had cancer.

    I’d be happy to sponsor your dad; just let me know how.

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