Day 313: Taking direction

mosesI’m on a roll, guys. Gave someone directions again today – the right ones! I didn’t even have to double-check this time.

The person who asked me was a beautiful lady with an accent (Spanish, I think), who was dressed as though she might be on her way to a job interview. (Nothing worse than feeling lost and nervous.)

And I felt happy I was able to direct her to the subway with the utmost confidence.

(Have you ever worked up the courage to ask for directions, only to get a shrug and a “sorry” because the person didn’t know the way either? Then, you have to find someone else or wander around aimlessly (which is usually what I end up doing).)

I was quite proud of my accomplishment until I overheard someone giving a stranger directions later in the afternoon — a real pro. Not only did this lady describe every minute detail about the restaurant the other woman was looking for, but she also came and sat down beside her on the bus. She leaned way over to point out to the window until the stranger could spot the landmarks she was showing her.  I was humbled, let me tell you.

So humbled that I collected a few stray Tim Hortons coffee cups (why is it always Timmies cups, I ask you?) on my way home and deposited them in the trash. Funny, no one ever asks for directions to that….

P.S. Here’s Angels at London’s Hammersmith Apollo Theatre (credit: annalisasinger84). Enjoy!


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