Day 317: Bicycle built for … 30

Would you not love to ride this thing?
Would you not love to ride this thing?

Today I saw the biggest bicycle ever. I was crossing a downtown street when a howling police siren caused me to race across to the other side to get out of the way.

When I did get safely to the sidewalk and turned around, I laughed out loud. The police cruiser was an escort for a huge 30-person bicycle called, funnily enough, The Big Bike. It’s one of the Heart and Stroke Foundation‘s cross-Canada fundraising events, which is attempting to raise more than $7 million to support life-saving heart and stroke research.

How do I know this? Well, they did have a sign, but also because the person I was walking with had ridden on the thing during a previous event.

I instinctively waved and, I swear, all 30 people started cheering and waving back. Since I’ve never stood on a float in the Santa Claus parade nor sailed off on the QEII cruise ship, that was the first time I’ve ever had that many people wave to me at once. It was very cool.

I had been in a crummy mood up till then (hard to believe, I know), and those 30 peppy peddlers completely cheered me up. So I vowed to make a donation and I have. The riders each get sponsors, but the website also accepts donations, so that’s what I did.

Would love to have hopped on board though!


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