Day 318: Poo happens

Doesn't it look like a Star Wars character? If only it could talk ....
Doesn't it look like a Star Wars character? If only it could talk ....

Took a stroll down my street today and I was pleased to see that there weren’t as many coffee cups, plastic bottles and flattened pop cans as I usually find lining the sidewalk.

I only had to fill my bag once before heading to the bin to empty it. I was even more pleased that the city had installed not one but two garbage bins at the bus stop behind Tim Hortons.

One of them is trash only, the other is for trash and recycling — how 21st century!

The new combo bin is quite Space Age looking. It looks like something the Jetsons might use — all aerodynamic curves and a fancy foot pedal to open the “lids,” which slide horizontally rather than lift vertically, if you catch my drift.

It’s so shiny and pristine — still has that new-car smell — and I just hope that its newness doesn’t discourage people from “dirtying” it up by putting trash in it!

SeeingEyeDogEveryday hero
I’ve always admired the courage it takes for a blind person to go forth in the world in complete and utter darkness.

And if I see a man or woman on the bus with a seeing eye dog, I have to remind myself not to pet the animal while it’s “working.”

Today, I saw one of these working dogs take a bathroom break. This is something I’ve never thought about. I would completely understand if the young blind lady kept right on walking afterwards. I’ve walked a few dogs over the years and know that it can often be tricky at night to find their poop in order to scoop. But no, the smartly dressed woman crouched down, plastic bag over her hand, felt around the grass till she found what she was looking for, and off they went.

I was well impressed, as they say in the U.K. And she, my friends, is my everyday hero today. A living example to me that poo happens, it’s what you do about it that counts ….

Here’s the poop
I found this enlightening explanation of how she made it look so easy (where else?) online:

“When the dog pauses in circling, the handler follows the leash and feels the dog’s back. We are trained to know what the dogs back should feel like when it’s doing a number one or two (there is a difference). If the dog is pooping, we run our hand down the dog’s back to just above its tail and then we point our foot toward the dog’s bum.

“Once the dog is finished, it will usually move away, then you put your hand in a bag and feel along the ground in a straight line from your toe. Once you find what you are looking for, you pick it up, turn the bag right side out and your done. It’s really simple. I’ve never had a problem picking up after my guide dog.”

P.S. Speaking of the U.K., here’s a live Leicester performance. Enjoy!


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