Day 322: Playing the spoons

BlueSpoonCartoongifI know a lot of my good deeds have been pretty small ones (um, such as holding doors open?) but today’s deed probably gets the Teeny Tiny GDAD award – washing spoons.

Yes, you heard that right. Oh, I dried them too, if that helps.

The office where I work has a lovely staff kitchen complete with coffee and tea for the making. And the system they’ve set up for eco-friendly stirring of hot drinks is quite ingenious. Each morning, about 20 small spoons are placed in a white cup and after you stir your beverage of choice with one, you place it in the adjacent black cup.

Unfortunately, after the 9:00 a.m. stampede for coffee is over, the black cup is usually full of spoons, the white one empty.

Everyone takes a turn on a rotating “dish duty” calendar and that person is also responsible for the stirring spoons, but I’ve been trying to wash and dry them and refill the white cup whenever I can. Okay, it’s not repairing the ozone layer, but I try.

And the best thing of all, I caught another “utensil fairy” doing the same thing today – which reminded me of the many people who are out there doing small but thoughtful gestures completely anonymously … a stir-spoon salute to you all!

P.S. Some fancy footwork here. Very cool. Enjoy!


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