Day 324: Park place

TrafficJamCartoonAfter my many public-transit posts, you may be astonished to learn I actually do drive a car from time to time.

It’s a long weekend here in Canada, which usually means utter madness on the highways and byways. So I tried my best to be a good-deed driver today.

I drove defensively in the centre lane and because I was maintaining the speed limit … ish … I was able to brake as soon as I saw the light change to amber (instead of speeding up and zooming through as though my gas-pedal foot had a mind of its own … not that I do that … much).

Not sure if the drivers behind me appreciated this, but over the course of the day I made an extra effort to let cars either get in lane in front of me or cut in front to make it over to the opposite side of the road.

I wasn’t in a hurry anywhere, however, so I could afford to chill out behind the wheel and let others who were in a rush get ahead. A little like life, I guess.

And then, at the mall, I parked at the far edge of the lot, leaving the closer spots free. Which seemed silly when I got there because the place was practically empty but when I came out — wowza — lot full.

Hmmm, there must have been a sale on that I missed. Drats….

P.S. Mad soulful vocals from Mr. David Archuleta in Manila, Phillipines. Enjoy! (Video credit: booradleigh. Can’t stop smiling at that name!)


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