Day 329: Picture imperfect

Squint and you're in Hawaii ... almost.
Squint and you're in Hawaii ... sort of.

It was a glorious day in Toronto today. The sun was shining, the breeze cool but soft. And there was that occasional waft of sunscreen in the air — a sure sign summer’s around the corner.

My spring fever sent me strolling down to Lake Ontario — not exactly Waikiki Beach, but it sure was pretty with the sailboats drifting by and the ducks swimming  past.

I envy people who live near the ocean – or any kind of water, really, streams, babbling brooks. There’s something about the fresh air and the rhythmic lapping of the water and looking out at acres of blue (or, in the case of Lake Ontario, green) that’s so calming, serene.

I didn’t have this lovely view to myself, of course, there were rollerbladers, runners and lots of tourists taking pictures.

This could be the place.
This is where he was aiming his camera ... hmmm.

I stopped at a railing at the very tip of the pier and a well-dressed Asian man came near, snapping shots of the Harbourfront marina and the waterfront. A while back, a reader suggested that if I ever got the chance, taking a picture for a tourist would be a kind gesture (thanks, Heather!).

Makes sense. How often do you get home from a trip without any pictures of yourself? With that in mind, I tentatively approached the man. (Didn’t want to startle a guy leaning over the edge of a pier.)

“Excuse me,” I asked. “Would you like me to take a picture with you in it?”

He stared at me for a second and then threw back his head and laughed as if it was the funniest thing he’d ever heard. Not the reaction I expected.

“Oh no, thank you, no, no,” he said, still chuckling.

I think he sensed I was a little embarrassed for asking, because he turned serious all of a sudden and said, “But I appreciate it very much, thank you. Thank you.”

His reaction made me wonder if he was a tourist at all. He was dressed in business clothes. And he had been aiming his camera at the Harbourfront condo complex.

I’d probably just asked a real estate agent if he’d like his picture taken.

Maybe he should’ve accepted my offer … stranger things have been known to sell real estate….

P.S. This is a rehearsal? Wow. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Day 329: Picture imperfect

  1. Nice photos 🙂

    I agree with you about living near the water (the ocean in particular, which I would LOVE to live closer to). I guess until I can afford to retire in Halifax though, Lake Ontario will have to do.


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