Day 330: Wake up and smell the coffee

I'd offer you a virtual danish, but my cyber-oven's on the fritz.
I'd offer you a virtual muffin, but my cyber-oven's on the fritz.

Today I witnessed one of the best good deeds ever — one that saved a life.

I was standing on the corner, waiting for the red light to change, when a runner came up beside me. She jogged on the spot as we both waited for the “WALK” sign to appear.

An advance green light must have flashed, because the woman standing across from us stepped out onto the road. The runner put up her hand and called out, “No! Wait!”

The lady hopped back onto the curb as if she’d stepped on hot coals, narrowly missing a black SUV zooming around the corner on the advance green. If she hadn’t stepped back, she would’ve been flattened.

You’re probably wondering, “How was warning her a good deed? Anyone would’ve done that.” But there I was standing right beside the runner and hadn’t even noticed what was happening.

Really shook me up, let me tell you. I thought about what happened the rest of the day and I came to the conclusion that sometimes the kindest thing you can do is to just pay attention.

So that’s what I tried to do the rest of the day, wake up and smell the coffee.

I didn’t save any lives doing that, mind you, but I did listen a little more and daydream a little less.

Later, I also paid attention – and didn’t slam down the phone – when a call centre person rang. She was calling on behalf of a Pediatric AIDS charity. I wasn’t able to afford the full pledge they were asking for, but I did make a donation that will cover sending medication to a group of afflicted children in Africa.

When the woman on the phone told me that more than half a million kids die of AIDS in Africa each year,that definitely got my attention….

P.S. In the spirit of waking up and smelling the coffee. Here’s The Coffee Song. Enjoy!


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