Day 331: Strike a pose

Now THAT is cool.
Now THAT is cool.

Redemption is sweeeeet! Not referring to my soul, however, only my picture-taking instincts.

You may recall that the other day I offered to take a picture for someone I thought was a tourist, only to be rebuffed by the person (who, I suspect, was actually a real-estate agent).

Well, dear friends, you’ll be happy to hear I didn’t let that deter me from possibly making a complete fool of myself once again – all in the spirit of good deedism (good-deediosity?).

Anywayyy, while strolling along downtown and trying my best to pay attention (not as easy as you might think … for me, anyhow), I noticed two guys speaking a language that could possibly have been Russian … or Klingon … I have no idea which. They were taking pictures on a street that runs between a park and a gas station.

You can probably guess what I was thinking.

But before I went into full good-deed mode, I used my powers of observation to make sure these guys weren’t also real estate agents. Now I don’t work for the RCMP or anything, but I did notice a few things indicating they were from out of town, namely:

1) They were looking up at the tall buildings and pointing.

2) They wore socks and sandals.

3) They were taking turns snapping pictures of each other.

So feeling emboldened with this information – and excited at the prospect of righting the picture-taking fiasco of Day 329 – I approached them and asked if they’d like a shot taken together.

It took a little back and forth explaining and some Marcel Marceau hand gestures to explain my offer, but when they finally understood, they both nodded and smiled and handed me their camera.

It is rather lovely.
It is rather lovely.

Then they turned around and stood right in front of the gas station. The swarthier of the two indicated that he wanted to include the top of the CN Tower (which was off in the distance) and the Petro Canada sign behind him in the picture, as well.

The CN Tower I get, but Petro Canada? I guess nothing says Toronto like exorbitant gas prices.

So I did my best Annie Leibovitz in front of the unleaded pumps and off the guys went — possibly to shoot other lesser-known Toronto landmarks. Maple Leaf Meats? Dominion Insignia? Canada Tool and Dye? Or, my personal favourite: Toronto Hydro…. 🙂

P.S. And to my pals south of the border, enjoy this long Memorial Day weekend. Here’s a beautiful video just for you!


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